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AI-Powered Lead Gen and Conversion Platform

Boost Your Inbound and Outbound Output with Brisk's AI Platform Enabled Hyper-personalized Buyer Engagement

Buyer Empowerment is key to the Future of Sales

Buyers increasingly prefer self-navigation. As per Gartner, 70% of the buying process is done before engaging sales reps. And, when buyers do contact sales, they expect personalization and responsiveness from sellers.

What We Offer

Brisk's conversational AI platform enables businesses to deliver personalized customer experience at scale, to imbibe the future of sales.

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AI Buyer Assist For Website

Supercharge your website interactions with Brisk's AI Buyer Assist, elevating engagement and lead generation. 

Offer an immersive, conversational interface to learn about the brand, get personalized information (e.g. for a job profile, industry, etc.), and progress through the purchase journey.

Conversational Interface

Persona based Engagement

AI-led Journey Orchestration

ResponseMax For Email Campaigns

Boost email campaigns by providing prospects with a dynamic conversational tool. Brisk's ResponseMax fosters meaningful interactions and encourages prospects to delve deeper into the brand's captivating content.

Say goodbye to stagnant, one-way communications and hello to engaging dialogues that drive results. It's time to connect, converse, and captivate like never before!

Engaging Campaigns

Cultivating Brand

Maximize Response

Account Intelligence.png

Sales CoPilot For Sellers

Enable sales reps to swiftly capture insights about prospect accounts and optimal outreach strategies.

No more hours spent by SDRs in researching the leads. Sales CoPilot enables SDRs and AEs to engage leads promptly and effectively.

Deeper Insights

Seller Productivity

Maximize Convervsions

Companies Across Sectors Are Using Brisk

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